The Resurrection Of Chuck.

Hello to all my friends, family, fans, haters! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? From the time stamp on my last article, a little over a year now, damn, what a long time to not stay in contact, not to mention all of the bat-shit crazy stuff that has happened! We don’t need a recap here, the internet does a far better job than I ever could, but what I did want to do is get back in touch with you all. Mostly for me and my own sanity, and partly to answer a few questions that I have received over this last year. Of course, it does not help that I’m terrible at keeping up with the website! My OWN website, I mean, C’mon, Chuck! I pay for the damn thing and ya, I do not utilize it in the least. There, I admit it! Oh, the shame, the shame… But Lo! With this post, my intention is to un-fuck that and un-fuck it I shall.

Now onward with tonight’s programming! Let’s answer the three questions that have been asked multiple times (meaning more than once) to me via either email, message boards or Direct Messages, edited for brevity and names withheld because I just don’t like being sued:

Question 1

What have you been up to lately? The last I’ve heard about anything new from you was back in 2017, when you released a synthwave album and were playing shows in and around Los Angeles. Do you play shows anymore? Will you be coming out with new music soon?”

Hello first question! Well, there was no chronology to the questions, I just made this the first one. The short answer is surviving, staying away from people and living my best life. Since 2017, I graduated from Pasadena City College with an AA in Humanities and last July I started a “day job” driving disabled people around for Lyft. I still do that job (it’s easy money!) as of the writing of this article, so ya, so much for a short answer, huh! And yes, back in 2017, I released a synthwave album titled American Slasher Funk on NINE20six Records under the artist / producer name Rated-R. That album was my love letter to all the great horror film soundtracks and scores I grew up listening to. Since then, I have been milling around from job to job, trying to keep afloat and things were going well until the plague shut down the world. Now we all have to change. But, I have enough material for a second synthwave album and it is slow going and in the works, just not my main priority as of now. I mean, I want to keep releasing new music, even have plans for an all guitar virtuoso like album, but without the possibility of promoting and playing live shows (besides live stream tours), that synthwave project and all other musical projects will sadly will have to remain on the back burner. Maybe we will see at least an EP drop before 2020 is done fucking us, but I wouldn’t hold out for it.

I can tell you this though, I will be starting my polymath (I’m a Polymath, look it up!) style YouTube channel, where I will showcase and make videos of all the things I love in life, basically, It’s like being with me all the time, like you are my best friend 🙂 Guitar lessons, Synth jams, magic tricks, reviews of rad stuff I buy and love, short story readings, etc, etc. That should be a ton of fun and the idea has been in development since 2018. Hoping to launch the channel around the last quarter of the year and this website is where you will find out all about it. I am still available for session guitar work, synthesizer work, beat production and collaborations. Hit me up on any of my socials if you are interested or just want to send me a direct message like our next question…

Question 2

“Drop dead, Chuck Rios, you sick scum fuck!!!”

Yes! Thank you, sir, or ma’am… I couldn’t tell. Anyways, I think this counts as fan mail because I made it bold And to answer this question/ statement, Yes, I have written more than a few sick scum fucks (Oh, that is some good cussing! rolls right off the tongue!) and those characters have indeed done some deprived, insane things, but (And I can’t believe I have to say this) I am not like them and that is FICTION, and I doubt I will be droping dead anytime soon. But who knows, it is 2020 after all!

I think it is important to note that one can be not famous (like me), not well to do and working hard to make ends meet (like me) and still have hate mail. Some would even say I have made it, but I say and KNOW I still have a long road to climb and a ways to go. What do you think this person was referring to anyways? My character (personal), my characters (Fictional) or maybe it was a secret admirer? I assume it is from past stories I wrote, but it could just be a Russian or Chinese Bot that is programmed to write fan mail. Speaking of writing….

Question 3

“When are you coming out with anything new, writing wise? Will you be return to writing horror again? Novellas? Short Stories?”

Yes, friends, it is true. I am returning to the writing pits of horror once more. I will become a slave to the keyboard, in fact, I have already started. Actually, I started back in January with a few submissions of some short stories that never found a home and I am still waiting for the rejections or acceptances of publication, but in the meantime, I write every day. I don’t stop till I get my thousand words, but I am rusty and getting old (39 on September 5th!!), still, I think I am doing alright, all things considered. Either way, all writing news will be on here first. I have also aligned all my social media platforms and directed them here to my site. I will be launching my Patreon up again, where I list all my rejection letters, post unsold stories, my take on horror essays that cover a span of things and a serialized novella that are exclusive only for subscribers. So stay tuned for that. One thing that sucks, is I have to start over with the stats on Patreon, but that is alright, I am sure it will all go well.

Novel wise, I am looking through a couple of trunk novels to see if I can do anything to resuscitate them back to life (probably not though, trunk novels are trunk novels for a reason!), and now here is the big news, I have started a new novel! I plan to self publish this one after I find the right editor because I recently found out I have my own author page on Amazon with full control over my own publications! So this means as soon as I get my back-list edited and covers made, I can publish my own stuff. I will most likely do a mix of self publishing and traditional small presses, the reason being is I don’t want to end up like a lot of my friends and peers just in case horror goes back underground again and we have to trade Pogs (does anyone even remember those?) sexual favors and bottle caps for chapbooks and edits.

Phew! So there you have it, folks! Or at least the handful of people who asked the questions and that one person who is my #1 fan, (I hope they read this, wouldn’t want to lose them now!) Anyways, if you have read this far, thank you, seriously, for sticking around and supporting me and I hope I made you laugh a bit. And If I wasn’t 100% sure we are living in an alternate reality (Ya, I believe in the Mandela effect, get your tin foil hats!), this Covid shit sealed the deal for me. All we need now is first contact with aliens, regrown dinosaurs escaping and for Trump to get re-elected supreme leader and I think we can all just about check out.

At least we won’t be alone… I’ll be with you for the whole ride. Stay safe, wear your mask and love one another.