The Resurrection Of Chuck.

Hello to all my friends, family, fans, haters! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? From the time stamp on my last article, a little over a year now, damn, what a long time to not stay in contact, not to mention all of the bat-shit crazy stuff that has happened! We don’t need a recap here, the internet does a far better job than I ever could, but what I did want to do is get back in touch with you all. Mostly for me and my own sanity, and partly to answer a few questions that I have received over this last year. Of course, it does not help that I’m terrible at keeping up with the website! My OWN website, I mean, C’mon, Chuck! I pay for the damn thing and ya, I do not utilize it in the least. There, I admit it! Oh, the shame, the shame… But Lo! With this post, my intention is to un-fuck that and un-fuck it I shall.

Now onward with tonight’s programming! Let’s answer the three questions that have been asked multiple times (meaning more than once) to me via either email, message boards or Direct Messages, edited for brevity and names withheld because I just don’t like being sued:

Question 1

What have you been up to lately? The last I’ve heard about anything new from you was back in 2017, when you released a synthwave album and were playing shows in and around Los Angeles. Do you play shows anymore? Will you be coming out with new music soon?”

Hello first question! Well, there was no chronology to the questions, I just made this the first one. The short answer is surviving, staying away from people and living my best life. Since 2017, I graduated from Pasadena City College with an AA in Humanities and last July I started a “day job” driving disabled people around for Lyft. I still do that job (it’s easy money!) as of the writing of this article, so ya, so much for a short answer, huh! And yes, back in 2017, I released a synthwave album titled American Slasher Funk on NINE20six Records under the artist / producer name Rated-R. That album was my love letter to all the great horror film soundtracks and scores I grew up listening to. Since then, I have been milling around from job to job, trying to keep afloat and things were going well until the plague shut down the world. Now we all have to change. But, I have enough material for a second synthwave album and it is slow going and in the works, just not my main priority as of now. I mean, I want to keep releasing new music, even have plans for an all guitar virtuoso like album, but without the possibility of promoting and playing live shows (besides live stream tours), that synthwave project and all other musical projects will sadly will have to remain on the back burner. Maybe we will see at least an EP drop before 2020 is done fucking us, but I wouldn’t hold out for it.

I can tell you this though, I will be starting my polymath (I’m a Polymath, look it up!) style YouTube channel, where I will showcase and make videos of all the things I love in life, basically, It’s like being with me all the time, like you are my best friend 🙂 Guitar lessons, Synth jams, magic tricks, reviews of rad stuff I buy and love, short story readings, etc, etc. That should be a ton of fun and the idea has been in development since 2018. Hoping to launch the channel around the last quarter of the year and this website is where you will find out all about it. I am still available for session guitar work, synthesizer work, beat production and collaborations. Hit me up on any of my socials if you are interested or just want to send me a direct message like our next question…

Question 2

“Drop dead, Chuck Rios, you sick scum fuck!!!”

Yes! Thank you, sir, or ma’am… I couldn’t tell. Anyways, I think this counts as fan mail because I made it bold And to answer this question/ statement, Yes, I have written more than a few sick scum fucks (Oh, that is some good cussing! rolls right off the tongue!) and those characters have indeed done some deprived, insane things, but (And I can’t believe I have to say this) I am not like them and that is FICTION, and I doubt I will be droping dead anytime soon. But who knows, it is 2020 after all!

I think it is important to note that one can be not famous (like me), not well to do and working hard to make ends meet (like me) and still have hate mail. Some would even say I have made it, but I say and KNOW I still have a long road to climb and a ways to go. What do you think this person was referring to anyways? My character (personal), my characters (Fictional) or maybe it was a secret admirer? I assume it is from past stories I wrote, but it could just be a Russian or Chinese Bot that is programmed to write fan mail. Speaking of writing….

Question 3

“When are you coming out with anything new, writing wise? Will you be return to writing horror again? Novellas? Short Stories?”

Yes, friends, it is true. I am returning to the writing pits of horror once more. I will become a slave to the keyboard, in fact, I have already started. Actually, I started back in January with a few submissions of some short stories that never found a home and I am still waiting for the rejections or acceptances of publication, but in the meantime, I write every day. I don’t stop till I get my thousand words, but I am rusty and getting old (39 on September 5th!!), still, I think I am doing alright, all things considered. Either way, all writing news will be on here first. I have also aligned all my social media platforms and directed them here to my site. I will be launching my Patreon up again, where I list all my rejection letters, post unsold stories, my take on horror essays that cover a span of things and a serialized novella that are exclusive only for subscribers. So stay tuned for that. One thing that sucks, is I have to start over with the stats on Patreon, but that is alright, I am sure it will all go well.

Novel wise, I am looking through a couple of trunk novels to see if I can do anything to resuscitate them back to life (probably not though, trunk novels are trunk novels for a reason!), and now here is the big news, I have started a new novel! I plan to self publish this one after I find the right editor because I recently found out I have my own author page on Amazon with full control over my own publications! So this means as soon as I get my back-list edited and covers made, I can publish my own stuff. I will most likely do a mix of self publishing and traditional small presses, the reason being is I don’t want to end up like a lot of my friends and peers just in case horror goes back underground again and we have to trade Pogs (does anyone even remember those?) sexual favors and bottle caps for chapbooks and edits.

Phew! So there you have it, folks! Or at least the handful of people who asked the questions and that one person who is my #1 fan, (I hope they read this, wouldn’t want to lose them now!) Anyways, if you have read this far, thank you, seriously, for sticking around and supporting me and I hope I made you laugh a bit. And If I wasn’t 100% sure we are living in an alternate reality (Ya, I believe in the Mandela effect, get your tin foil hats!), this Covid shit sealed the deal for me. All we need now is first contact with aliens, regrown dinosaurs escaping and for Trump to get re-elected supreme leader and I think we can all just about check out.

At least we won’t be alone… I’ll be with you for the whole ride. Stay safe, wear your mask and love one another.


Culver City Celebrates with Ghostbusters Fan Fest

(Editors note (me): This article was written and posted for the website Click on the link for the original article. All rights reserved and used with permission.)


by Chuck Rios

This past Saturday, the Ghostbusters franchise turned 35 years old. To mark the 1984 release of this historic horror-comedy (June 8th, 1984), Wizard World presented the Ghostbusters Fan Fest in the Sony Pictures Studio lot in downtown Culver City. Over 1,000 people, from all walks of life, all creeds and colors, filled the Sony studio back lot, with some Con-goers traveling in as far as Australia, Egypt and Brazil, all for the love of busting ghost.

Coming in at a little over three-decades long, The Ghostbusters franchise is a touchstone in the lives of many, spanning countless releases through medias such as comic books, videogames, music and, of course, movies. The fan fest operated side-by-side next to the Wizard World signing room, which featured the voice & acting talents of Dave Coulier, Maurice La Marche (The Real Ghostbusters), Slavitza Jovan (Gozer) and Violet Ramis-Stiel (The late Harold Ramis’s daughter) among many more. Unfortunately, while the fan Fest started out with a bang, it soon turned into a flat whimper of a disorganized mess. Lack of variety in activities, spars vendors (with the strange absence of T-shirts and hats), and long, unorganized lines that confusingly moved about the lot like soldiers marching in rows, made for a sour taste in the ectoplasm. The worst of it being the pricing class system, wherein some fest goers paid upwards of $1,500 USD to guarantee autographs and photo ops with the stars and directors of the movies, only to be ignored and miss-managed. From the grumbling and hmm-hawing of the ticketholders around me, I am sure that many letters will be sent in the future, possibly asking for refunds. But bad planning and line management aside, the panels were fantastic; Paranormal Ghost Hunting with Dan Aykroyd and The SFX of Ghostbusters being among my favorite.


The best panel of the night had to go to the Directors panel and the news about the new Ghostbusters movie that is filming this year and set for release late 2020. Jason Reitman, the son of Director Irvin Reitman (1984 Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II), was on stage to discuss the highly anticipated sequel to his father’s 1980’s work. The directors panel consisted of all three directors of the Ghostbusters movies; Ivan Reitman (GB 1&2), Paul Feig (GB 2016) and Jason Reitman (GB20). Reitman (Jason) announced that the original cast of Ghostbusters 1 and 2 have read the screenplay to his new movie, tentatively titled GB20, and so far, they have all signed up to ‘suit’ up. Dan Aykroyd will act as executive producer in addition to staring in the movie alongside Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver (who broke the news of the original cast being included a day before the Fan Fest on her twitter…sneaky), but the verdict is still out on Rick Moranis. Jason Reitman was also adamant that GB20 will not be a re-boot, but will be a totally new story in the series, set in the original universe. As he put it towards the end of the panel, “GB20 will be my love letter to my father’s legacy and to all of the fans of Ghostbusters worldwide!”

Reitman also hinted that, while the original cast has signed on, GB20 will center around a family of Ghostbusters. “I had a vision,” Reitman said, “and I don’t know how it came to me, but I saw a little girl… a little 12 year old girl, strapping on a proton pack. That image has stuck with me for years now.”

As the Fan fest was winding down, both Reitman’s were center stage for a newly discovered surprise; unedited footage (dailes) of the original Ghostbusters film found in a storage house in Kansas. It was a treat to see the outtakes (six in total) and after every clip, Ivan Reitman would share memories and anecdotes while his son playfully ribbed him on why he didn’t use all those great lines. As the festival was coming to a close, musician Ray Parker Jr. and his band treated the audience to a full show that kicked off with his signature song, ‘Ghostbusters’.


Action Horror From The Orient

I love horror. It’s no surprise, of course, but what a lot of people don’t know is that not all great horror movies come from the United States. We have Latin horror in the form of such movies as Alucarda (1978), Cronos (1994) and most recently Amat Escalante’s 2016 movie The Untamed. Over in Brazil, they have Desaparecidos (2011) and let us not forget Canada with Ginger Snaps (2000), Shivers (1975) or anything by David Cronenberg. Europe has horror covered with more releases than I can number coming from England, France and Belgium, even South African cinema chimes in with sweet flicks like Eternity (2010) and The Demon (1981). And don’t even get me started on my favorite horror type; the Giallo from Italy. What I am trying to say is horror has come out of every continent on this ball of dirt and will continue to be made because wherever there is fear, someone will make it into a movie. And this is just films. Literature is another story altogether!

Which brings me to this weekend. I saw a few flicks from the Asian side of horror and it reminded me of when I first encountered far east action. It was in the form of Manga, Anime and Kung Fu films.

Growing up in Southern California, I had friends that came from many different cultures and backgrounds. One friend turned me on to Japanese Manga comics. Akira was the first taste of both Japanese manga and anime I consumed. It blew my mind and I was hooked. Soon followed Vampire Hunter D, Ghost In The Shell, Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei, and many, many more.

One that I loved the most was Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s Ninja Scroll (1993  JP, 1995 U.S.)

Ninja Scroll 1993

Ninja Scroll had it all; Horror, ninjas, Action, ninjas, boobs, ninjas, blood and guts violence, ninjas… I was 12 and through another friend, I was able to watch the original Japanese release with no subs or dubs. As frustrating as that was to decipher what was going on, the imagery stuck with me until the U.S. release in 1995. Thanks to the magic of subtitles and dubs, I could finally understand what it was all about, and boy, it didn’t disappoint. Ninja Scroll is the story of Jubei Kibagami, an out of work, wandering ronin, who happens to come by a woman being raped by one of the eight devils of Kimon. Jubei saves her and kills the devil, thus propelling his fate to fight and destroy all the devils. Jubei’s character immediately bonded with me. Him, a wandering warrior, just trying to keep to himself, and me, a lonely teenager just trying to survive. And deep down inside, we were both good guys whether we liked it or not.


After Ninja Scroll, I turned my attention to Kung Fu flicks courtesy of my local VHS rental store called Star Videos. The owner, Rene, would let me rent horror flicks for free in exchange for reordering the tapes. One day he got in some tapes from China. They were old Kung Fu films from the 70’s. Rene had me sort them together with the horror flicks because Rene knew what was up. He was a rad dude. And that was the start of it. After some years, I went back to Star Video. Rene was going out of business so I bought all the Kung Fu Tapes for a buck each And before you knew it, I was 22 and had amassed quite a collection of VHS Kung Foolery (not to mention horror). Eventually, not long after, I got dvd’s from China, that had two or three flicks on it apiece. I was in heaven. Kung Fu films are badass. Take the above Ninja Scroll formula of Horror, ninja, action, ninja, and superkick it in the face with Kung Fu and you get a perfect entertainment mix. Every Friday, for many years and occasionally now, I would hold Kung Fu Fridays and play such hits as; Hell’s Wind Staff (1979), Unbeaten 28 (1980), Five Deadly Venoms (1978) and 3 Evil Masters (1980). Of course, I love Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies, but those were more commercial… I wanted the dirty, bloody stuff and Fu flick houses such as Shaw Bros. and Golden Harvest studios delivered it way back in the 70’s. And while I missed the Kung Fu crazy here in America by more than a decade, I was glad that every Fu flick only cost me around a dollar to procure.


Why do I mention Kung Fu films, anime and manga when this article is supposed to be about horror in the orient? Well, that kind of answers the question in and of itself. In the far east, horror is a part of the everyday fabric of society. So naturally, it permeated everything; comics, films, martial arts. Sure, they had monsters, slashers, and aliens, but it was also alongside kick-ass ninjas and sky flying zen masters. Such classics as Black Magic (China 1975) where we have Kung Fu battling necromancers,  or House (Japan 1975), which was the inspiration for the first Resident Evil game, gave an exciting tutorial and a well-trotted path for today’s horror filmmakers. Current Chinese horror films like Vampire Cleanup Department (2017) and The Sleep Curse (2017) are rapidly getting released and the Japanese have been doing it right since the 70’s and have never stopped. The future of Asian horror is only getting better as Netflix, Hulu and my favorite Shudder, are starting to stream these wonderful, international classics into new homes and new hearts. If you have a chance, please seek these films out. If you can’t find them on streams, many are on youtube and can be watched for free. There are even reddit exchanges for rare and hard to find films.
Of course, I can’t possibly cover all the great releases from the far east in this one article because I’d be leaving out some of the best; Korean horror, Indonesian, Philippian, and a plethora of other countries. Another article for another time.
Enjoy and catch you all later.


Ok, I Get It…

Life finds a way to push us where it wants. Some say we even have free will. While that may be true to an extent, we ain’t in control, that’s for sure. Here’s an example: You get a new job. Your dream job, in fact. You are clicking along, clocking in early, producing above and beyond what you should and then eight days later, BAM, you are let go.
What happened in that scenario?

Life happened.

The person did everything right. He kept to himself and went with the flow. But guess what? We can still lose even if we did everything right. Or did we lose? Maybe that’s not where we belong, so life puts us where we need to be.

The above story happened to me. I’m the guy in the example. But instead of it happening once, it has happened numerous times. More times than I care to admit. Maybe it’s where I live, the geographic locale, the political climate, the herd mentality. I don’t know. But what I do know is when I start to get the tingles, the Deja Vu, I know I’m on the right track in life. And that feeling seems to happen right when I am about to have a major shift in my life. It happened earlier this month and I have a feeling it won’t be the last time. What’s this all mean, you’re saying? Well, I am back to writing. I can’t get away from it and boy did I try.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love writing. I have a burning desire to write. I have written for money. I have written for free. The process of it all, the highs and the lows are welcome. Rejection letters are nothing but a badge of honor, a war medal, a sign I have been in the trenches with the grunts and survived. One time, my friend Trent Zelazny showed me a picture of all his rejection letters (before email!) and I shit you not, it filled up the entire floor. It was inspiring. I caught fire that day when I saw my friends failures laid bare for all to see. What a treasure. A writers life and I wanted it. But there is something you have to understand about me; I like to try everything once. And while I have done a lot in my short thirty-six years on this earth (37 in September, yikes!), I have always had trouble sticking to one thing. I have always wanted to be the dedicated type. I am envious of those that stick to something for the entirety of their lives. I’m not there yet, but it’s too late to turn back now… I am in this writing thing for the long haul. I know I am not alone in this, so maybe you’ll understand. I have been a musician, a composer, bandleader, released an album, played on albums, I’ve been published and even published work on my own. I have also, at various points in my life, been a tattoo artist, a caretaker, a warehouse worker, a computer repairman, an IT guy, a librarian, a music teacher and an English tutor. I was even a president of and started a chess club and many other accomplishments and occupations. In retrospect, I have been fortunate enough to do these things and I am grateful. But the few things that have stuck with me and never seem to let me go are writing and music.

So I get it. You can stop hinting at me, Life. I am now back to it. Back to writing. Back in the trenches. Back to hell. When Tom Piccirilli (Miss you, man!) wrote his how-to writing book aptly titled Welcome To Hell: A Working Guide For The Beginning Writer, he wasn’t lying.  Writing can destroy you if you let it. But like a hot girlfriend who is crazy, I just can’t let her go (you get what I’m trying to say!). You learn to love it, learn to live with it and eventually it becomes all you ever wanted to do or be. Because if you don’t write, you die.

You get my drift.

To quote the poet Anne Sexton: “Writing is fucking hard!”

To quote Charles Bukowski: “Find what you love and let it kill you.”
Both quotes are relevant and real. Take them for what you will. I know I did.

To sum up this ranty post, I have several novels that need to be finished up and sent out. I have even more short stories that need to find some markets. I have Killercon (click the link!) in Austin coming up in a month, where I will finally fulfill a six-year promise to someone.

Hope they still want the novel.

Guess we will see.

And If all goes well there, you will be the first to hear about it. Now back to the pages because this shit isn’t gonna write itself.
See you later, Aligator.

New Live Stream Times!

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